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Wild Flowers June 2022

wild car park in June

Wild flowers at the middle carpark..25 species of wild flowering herb..these plants support up to 71 species of caterpillar..many bees, hoverflies and butterflies were enjoying this carpet of wild flowers in the sun this morning…such a place should only be cut over in autumn.

The wild flowering herbs are White clover, Red clover, Shamrock (lesser trefoil), knot grass, Wood vetch, Teasel, Catsear, Sorrel, Coltsfoot, Creeping thistle, Spear thistle, Ribwort, Broad leaved Dock, Smooth sowthistle, Meadow buttercup, Meadow vetchling, Ragwort, Dog daisy, Broad leaved willowherb, Dandelion, Marsh thistle, Chickweed…..all being enjoyed by the pollinators plus Annual meadow grass, Bent grass, Yorkshire fog, and Rye grass.