Clogheenmilcon Fen

The Clogheenmilcon Fen is home to a wide array of flora and fauna. A natural wetland within the boundary of the City it is a unique area of natural history.

Cork City’s Local Economic & Community Plan – Let’s Plan Together – Deborah Maguire from Brand Blarney talking about the Clogheenmilcon Fen.

Fen Facts

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Literally a Blarney Stone’s throw from the picturesque and world-famous Blarney Castle & picturesque village, lies the beautiful ancient floodplain called the Clogheenmilcon Fen.


The Fen attracts up to 83 species of birds and 10 species of small mammals annually.

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It spans over 10,000 years of history and was home to the Irish elk, also called the giant deer or Irish deer, a now extinct species of deer in the genus Megaloceros and one of the largest deer that ever lived.

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A wetland of the Blarney River, it was once a post-glacial lake and is also said to be one of Ireland’s last hiding places for wolves.

New Boundary - Poetry in the Park

Poetry in the Park

Poetry in the Park was launched for Poetry Day Ireland 2021 in three parks around Cork City.

Supported by Creative Ireland and celebrating Poetry Ireland Day 2022, Poetry in the Park will extend its offering to six parks over a few weeks, reaching an audience to 3 million people who visit Cork City’s beautiful parks.

The new series of works will feature established and award-winning poets, alongside emerging poets, young poets and intercultural voices celebrating the diversity of life and literature in the city. The variety of the work ensures there is a poem out there in one of the city parks that will appeal to everyone.

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