Stop 21. Lodge to Blarney Castle


gate lodge

Lodges & Lodgers!

This is the gate lodge to Blarney Castle and the private entrance is in use daily.

Gate lodges or porter’s lodges began their existence in Ireland in the early 1700s as a method of security, guarding access to the homes of the landed gentry. By the late nineteenth century they had become merely symbols of wealth, power and taste when security was less of a concern. Ireland once had 10,000 gate lodges but only 60% of them survive, many of which are in ruins and unoccupied. Luckily, the gate lodge to Blarney Castle survived, is not in ruins and is occupied! If you pass by the gates in springtime you will be treated to the sight of this pretty little gate lodge standing sentry on an avenue resplendent in golden daffodils that stretch as far as the eye can see!

Continue walking for a few minutes to the grounds of one of the oldest GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) in the country.