Stop 14. Millstream Row with ‘Portlaw’ roofs


Millstream Terrace Blarney

Millstream Row is a small row of houses on the left side of the road that leads locals and visitors alike directly into Blarney Village. It was the first-built (c.1861) terrace of a number of similar terraces which can be seen locally.

Consisting of two storied houses, they were built by the Mahony Bros., the local mill owners, for their employees and to encourage outside skilled industrial workers to the area. Their unusual, curved and tarred roofs are known as ‘Portlaw’ roofs as the design originated in Portlaw, Co. Waterford in 1860.

Other local examples of Portlaw roofs are Shamrock Terrace, Telephone Terrace, Mangerton Terrace, Muskerry Terrace, St. Patrick’s Terrace and St. Helen’s Row.

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